Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Hot Air Balloons

I recently threw a baby shower for one of my high school friends. A mutual friend and I came up with the idea to throw her a whimsical tea party. I really wanted to make something unique that would really capture our theme. I found this website and these wonderful hot air balloon decorations. I simply had to make them.

They are super cute and not all that difficult. Here’s my step by step:

I got all of my supplies from Michaels –

You will need:
·      Paper lanterns (I used 12 inch)
·      Buckets/Totes to use as the basket
·      Ribbon
·      Hot glue gun

 The first thing I did was cut 8 pieces of ribbon into 18-inch strips.

Each balloon needs 4 strands of ribbon, so set 4 ribbons with each balloon. Next, glue  one end of each ribbon around the balloon evenly spaced and 1 ¼ inches inside the balloon.  Do this for each balloon.

 Then, glue each ribbon to the inside of the bucket. Make sure it evens out and the balloon hangs straight. I did this by letting the basket suspend slightly so I could see if all the ribbons were equally taut. Do for the two remaining balloons.

Let them dry for a couple hours.

I chose to hang mine with ribbon but you can hang them with fishing line, twine or anything you have on hand! It’s whimsical right? So get creative

Suspend your balloons and enjoy!

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